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Detecting Suspicious Activity - Addressing The Issues Properly

Regulated firms’ anti-money laundering arrangements remain a high priority for both the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, as well as overseas regulatory bodies. At Compliance CRG, we have a wealth of experience within this area and can help to ensure that your company is addressing the issues properly.

Services in relation to anti-money laundering procedures, including:-

A review of AML risk assessment


Suspicious Activity Reporting

A review of Customer Due Diligence arrangements


A review of the MLRO’s annual report




From Simple To Tailored Solutions - Managing Your Regulatory Risk Requirements

Compliance CRG offers a comprehensive range of compliance and regulatory solutions – both from a strategic planning and implementation perspective. A starting point can often be a simple regulatory health check where we assess your needs and any areas that may require attention. Or, as part of a broader strategy, we can assist you in managing your overall regulatory risk requirements with a tailored solution.


Examples include undertaking a regulatory audit of your existing compliance resource or offering detailed advice on a particular technical aspect of the FCA’s Rules, guidance and regulations. At Compliance CRG, we aim to build a thorough understanding of your business model enabling us to be proactive in our approach.

Compliance CRG can assist with:-

Investment Banks


Asset Managers

Investment Managers



Fund Managers


Independent Financial Advisors




Speak To An Independent - Expert Advice On A Variety Of Subjects

The field of financial services regulation is rapidly evolving and it is often helpful to speak to an independent regulatory advice expert. Compliance CRG can ensure that you are kept in touch with the latest regulatory developments and their impact on your firm. Many clients find it invaluable to talk to our consultants for input and advice on a variety of subjects. Our team provides advice to a large number of FCA and PRA clients, including Stockbrokers, Banks, Investment Management firms, Fund Management firms, Financial advisers and Insurance intermediaries.

Compliance CRG can assist with:-

FCA and PRA Applications


FCA and PRA Compliance Health Checks

Training & Competence


FCA and PRA Enforcement Action / Skilled Persons Reports

FCA and PRA Rules and Regulations






Identify Areas Of Improvement - Recommend Courses Of Action

Compliance CRG offers a wide-ranging Compliance Audit & Monitoring service as a way of providing Investment firms with an independent assessment of their regulatory requirements. The key benefits of a Compliance Audit are commonly to identify areas where a firm is non-compliant, or where improvements are needed. Our team can recommend courses of action and help ensure that you are able to quickly correct any deficiencies with your ‘compliance oversight’ – giving you that 4th Line of Defence..

A selection of typical Compliance Audits undertaken are:-

Financial Promotions



Suitability and Appropriateness


Treating Customers Fairly

Corporate Governance






"If It Is Not Written Down" - It Does Not Count

Even though firms may believe they have robust systems and controls in place, the regulators are increasingly finding areas where the necessary documentation is either insufficient or incomplete. In order to comply with FCA and PRA rules, Compliance Documentation must be properly evidenced and demonstrated.

This is an area where Compliance CRG can help and assist firms, both large and small. Whether it be a simple process manual or a complex root cause analysis requiring sophisticated procedures, our team have the skills and experience to help. Remember the overall rule. If it is not written down – it does not count!




Detecting Breaches And Errors - Reviewing / Producing Bespoke Plans

The Financial Conduct Authority requires all firms to detail their Compliance Monitoring Plan. This plan is used to benchmark the level of compliance on a continual basis against pre-defined benchmarks, to ensure that no regulatory rules are breached. If any breaches or errors are detected, a control mechanism should be implemented. Our team at Compliance CRG can either review your existing plan to check whether it is compliant, or we can produce a wholly bespoke plan based on your specific business activities.



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